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Sick Of Being Sick


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Sep 10, 2004
Ok, I haven't moaned for a little while so this could be come read

So, for the past 2 weeks or so my ears have been playing up a bit. Kinda bunged up and just "not right". Woke up on Friday and my right ear was a tad sore, and I thought "Oh here we go"

Woke up on Saturday morning with earache on the right, and a bit *squelchy* inside. Saturday night, it was blocked completely... deaf... useles... dead as a dodo.

Well, it's Tuesday evening... yup you guessed it, it's still blocked and deaf and sore


hehe So now I have gotten that off my chest, I can go have a nice relaxing bath
Poor Snowy

Don't you just hate it, when something like this drags on.

You just want to feel normal.

It's probably time to get going to the Doctors incase there's an infection.

Do you get balance problems as well when you get a bunged up ear?
I went yesterday and got drops. He said i have... are you ready... "Otitis Externa". Posh huh??

not really, it means I have eczema in my ears
I knew that already, but never knew it could deafen!!

And yes, my balance is so very weird!! I wasn't aware a blocked ear could make you walk ziggety!! How does it do that!!!
I'm not really sure.

When I had a virus attack my inner ear, I was walking into walls falling off chairs etc, it was so scary.
I'm not quite that bad, but not walking in a straight line. Even just moving my head, it's like delayed reaction, my eyes take ages to turn and re-focus
It affects your balance because thats where your balance is in your ear. You have all this liquidy type stuff in your ear that is your balance. and when you get an infection or something blocking our ear it messes about with your inner ear making you feel off balance.
Thats also why when you spin around real fast you get dizzy and things spin cause while you have stopped the liquid in your ear is still moving making your brain think your still moving. Dont know if you knew that just thought i would tell yah hih hih
At work - yes

better - no :cry:

I'm more deaf today than I have been since it started. It's soooo frustrating all I want to do is cry :cry:
*coughs to clear her throat...*
I just wanted to add to what Homestar was saying

Balance is part of the vestibular system in your inner ear and it consists of three semicircular canals , the utricle , and the saccule . Each of the semicircular canals lies anatomically in a different plane, each plane at a right angle to each other. Thus, each deals with different movement: up and down, side to side, and tilting from one side to the other. All contain sensory hair cells that are activated by movement of inner ear fluid (called endolymph). As the head moves, hair cells in the semicircular canals send nerve impulses to the brain by way of the vestibular portion of the acoustic nerve (the 8th cranial nerve). These nerve impulses are processed in the stem of the brain and in the brain's cerebellum.

Im going to do medicine...can you tell? lolololol

hope you're feeling better Snowykins!!!

Jen xxx