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Sep 10, 2004
....how satisfying is it to *pop* a pimple??

We've all done it. You wake up in the morning and OMG!! :crazy: there is a pimple on your chin.

You study it in the mirror....you try to squeeze it, but to no avail.

You go about ur morning chores, and every so often you pull ur mirror out of your bag to check on your new found friend.

Lunch time, you go to the bathroom and try to have another squeeze of it :angry: Still nothing.

you go about your afternoon chores....again checking on it every so often.

Then later in the evening you visit the bathroom mirror again..... OMG!!!! :eek: It's all white and pus filled!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now u have optimum squeezing opportunity......



YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now you are completely, totally, and utterly SATISFIED!!!!

And don't you just LOVE the way that blackheads come out?

I mean you spot the little bugger on your chin/nose/wherever......squeeeeeeze gently on either side..... and out they come like a little wriggly wormy

Truly a satisfying way to spend a boring Sunday afternoon lol

Tskkk the mere suggestion of men on this site is so flabbergasting!!

Maybe male guests visit, i dunno, guess they are scared that us women have a place to come to diss them!!! :devil: :woohoo: :lol:
lol Im only 17 and I act like a fully-blown biyatch when its my time!Even Mum stays clear and she KNOWS whats going on...the lil siblings have to wear a drainer on their heads and strap pillows around them just to be safe! :lol:

And yes Snowy...its very satisfying to *POP* (ewwwwwww sound effects) ;)
But i'm a male

Am I acceptable here :umm:
squezing the spots no no no not for me it just makes them worse and they will spread more i just use tsp and tea tree oil (not at the same time or together) they work great for me

funny enought ive never squezed a spot