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Problems With The Parents

Princess Pyro

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Mar 1, 2005
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My parents have always seemed to make me feel like what i do is never good enough. i done a hospitality course to please them,and even after they told me that i shouldn't do my TEE (tertiary entrance exam), they are now having a go at me because i didn't do it. i've also decided that i am going to quit school and go to TAFE (tertiary and further education) to do a course on conservation and land management. this is something that i want to do for a career, and it just seems that they never support me
Awwww you poor babe..
i wouldnt say they dont think anything you do is good enough.. its an age thing... they think everything they done is good enough.. and well.. they are a little senile as they get older and forget what they tell you and stuff
just bop them with a blow up sponge
Exactly, Bubbles hit it right on the head there.

Pyro, have you told (/shouted at) them that you really really really REALLY don't like how they never seem to think you're good enough. parents tend to say things and don't realise the effect they have.

My parents every-so-often say that I'm useless and forgetful and it really really made me angry but now, I just say it back to them.
"Why didn't you empty the dishwasher?"
"Because I'm useless and can't do anything, remember?"
It works for me but it does help that they always say they love me. And for good measure randomly say "Remember, Jennifer, our love is unconditional!" or "*grin* but we love you anyway

Heh, it easier if you just appear to accept it and even agree with them. But, the first thing you should do is tell them. I know it's hard. If they shout at you for doing something, tell them why you did it and thought it was the best course of action.

If you want to do land management and conservation then you should do it. it is REALLY important to enjoy your work and if you're not getting anything out of school and it wont help you to get where you want to go, then there's little point in staying.
Every parent is like it I think.
You plan what you think you want to do when you are younger so they have planned it out in their head what you should be doing and when.
If you go and change it they are worried about you stopping all together.
I did it when I was at college I planned on doing loads of courses over a number of years in the first year when I was doing my sports science I had to get a placement for two weeks whilst I was there I was offered a job I decided just to work for the summer and go back to college in the september
But it never happened I decided that the money was too good i had just turned 17 and was getting over £200 a week, don't get me wrong I was working every hour available but I loved it
my mum was not pleased at all.
It was like I had disappointed her but at the end of the day it was my decision, the way I look at it now if I could go back and change it now I wouldn't because I would have never have met Chloe's and Kyle's dad and I couldn't live without them

Plus I am doing courses now so it didn't really stop me from doing things anyway

Go with what you want to do and not what they want you to do OK :umm: