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Problems With A Friend

Princess Pyro

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Mar 1, 2005
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i think i have really offended one of my friends. ok, here is the whole story:

at that start of the year one of my friends (sara) moved to a place about 6hours drive from here. now, me and my bestie alana were both friends with sara. after sara moved she met this guy and now he is all she ever talk about. she'll talk about him on the phone, in sms, and on msn. also, after i said that i missed a friend of mine because i hadn't talked to him for a while (about a month) and she said that she hadn't talked to her bf for 3 days and that that was so much worse. that comment hurt me quite a lot. so today when she came on msn, i told her that her constant talking about her bf was getting on mine and alanas nerves, and that the comment she made was hurtful. now she isn't talk to me, what should i do?

I think it's good that you told her it was bugging you... afterall, she wouldn't have known if you hadn't told her.

How about trying an email? Tell her you didn't want to fall out, but you wanted her to understand how you had felt, and that you miss your normal everyday gossips? How about you have a wee chat about the guys first, and then that's it, your other time is for you guys to chat about other stuff?

Give her time, she'll come round.
it just seems like she didn't even care that she hurt me about that comment she made
maybe she will come round. but she just doesn't seem to want to know that she's done anything wrong. she's one of those people who thinks that they have no faults
*hugs you*

I'm with Snowy. Communication is very important. It was really great of you to tell her that. Some people just keep it in which isn't good. An email is a really good idea.

Sorry I can't really help. She's bound to come around. She can't give you the silent treatment for ever.
I had that LOL
tell her its fine taking bout ur bf but there are other things in live Like ur friends and other i still wanna b ur friend butnot talking bout ur BF
go ahead try it