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Post Natal Depression Information

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Hi Kelly

Thats fantastic that you are still breastfeeding! :flower4u: I gave up at 8 weeks. Alex was getting alot more hungry and I was having to top up with formula anyway and I was utterly exhausted. So yes I imagine some of your tiredness is due to breastfeeding but Yay!!!! for you!! You are doing really really well!

Do you still feed Sasha during the night? Aww she sounds like such a good little girl, you must be really proud!

You suffer from ME? Thats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome isn't it? That must make you feel even more tired than you already are. Have you spoken to your Doctor about this and are they aware of this condition? I am sure they will be able to help you.

I cannot imagine how tough it must be for you right now with no family and friends around but slowly things will change and you will adapt to your new life here in England. Try not to put too much strain on yourself from what I am reading you are doing an AMAZING job on your own! And that is something to be proud of and congratulated for. :kissheart:

Kelly we are here for you. :hugz: Try not to feel as if you are on your own because you aren't.

Hugs, Lottie :xxx:

p.s sending you a pm.
Originally posted by DumbBlondeKelly@Mar 28 2006, 03:55 AM
I'm a bit wary of getting to know too many people at the moment in case my ex discovers where I am somehow.
Kelly hun, that statement concerns me. Are you ok? You don't have to answer...or if you do want to talk about it we can move this topic to a private forum. Let Snowy know if you do.
Hi Dot - thank you for the concern. There are a few things going on regarding my ex which are out of my hands now, but for obvious safety reasons I'm very wary of certain information being made public. I feel safe enough that Sasha and I are physically safe (at least, I mean I am keeping much of my personal information to myself in the village and on the net so I doubt we could be traced, if that makes sense?) but I still get very cautious. I suppose in my current emotional state I'm a bit hyper-sensitive at the moment.

It's all a bit complicate to explain without details and I'm sorry about that
. I just wish I could have moved with my parents when they left. I feel like everything has happened at once. Problems are a bit like buses really - nothing for ages then loads turn up altogether

Thank goodness for Sash. She's my reason for living.
Hey sweety :flower4u:

How are you and little Sasha today? I hope you have had a nice day

As dotty mentioned, if at anytime you feel the need or wish us to move this to the private forum ( your privacy will be always maintained) PM Snowbaby.

Hugs to both of you :kissheart: , Lottie
Hi Lottie, we had a good day today, actually! Took Sash for a little walk (can't go too far with my condition) but it was nice to get some spring air!

It's helped tons just being able to tell someone all these things. Being a single parent can be really hard sometimes with no other grown up to talk to.
Being a single parent, or parent in a relationship is difficult. Try not to put yourself down!!!

Does your baby smile?? Or does she cry all the time?? Exactly.... she's happy and you're doing a fantastic job as her mummy!!! All she needs in the world is the love of her mummy and she's got it.

I'm so proud of you for going for a little walk!!!! Supposing it's a 10 minute wander in the garden, it's still bright natural light, and fresh air. Good for both of you.

Maybe try to do a little wander each day, or every second day. :preschool:
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