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Sep 13, 2004
hey im starting a thread to post the members artwork ;) anyone can post (obviously :D) so just put one on and if you want opinions we're ready and waiting just write a bit aboot your pic- when you drew/painted etc it, wot you uesd to create it, who it is, etc :grin: right-o since i started it ill post the first pic ;)

heres my picture of Delta Goodrem the awesomest female singer in the world :p i drew it aboot two weeks or so ago. its a lil dark but it cant be helped since i had to use the digital cam :) tell me wot you think!
Hey Arwen, nice piccie :grin:

But....... it was kinda big and distorted the forum so I had to resize it lol. Can everyone please make sure that no pictures are over 500 pixels wide please

thanks thisty! its just i couldnt change it coz our comp crashed a couple of weeks back so not veyrhting is installed yet
wehee hee! i made this is paint since we still havent got PS up agian *asighs* al in due time.. gah anyway im so proud! its a panther eye i made from altering a pic of my eye :D :D :grinlove: :angel3: :flower: :star: :dance: :bop: