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Photoshop Brushes


New Member
Sep 13, 2004
Hey, on DA people liked some of the brushes i made for photoshop so i decided to start a site to put them on where people can download them. i was wondering if you guys could take a look and tell me wot you think? it's really basic right now and i only have two of my brushes on there but more this arvo after musical rehearsals. im going to work on it a bit now, go ENGLISH
i write my story and surf the net, perfect for me

Your site is fine
well apart from the layout being off and stuff... if your isp gives you free hosting id be using that instead though
i mainly use lycos and tripod for testing php scripts and what not seeing how thats about all they are good for... as they dont allow you to use much bandwidth lol..

Anyhoo just some tidying up and your site should look fab
"Layout being off" *confused*? heh ^^;

Yar I did some tidying up just before. There's some more brushes now, two latest ones, some leaves and some Scatter brushes which are also leaves. Scatter brushes are pretty ^__^

Hmmm I don't think they do =| its just plain old aussie Telstra.... they aren't all that helpful lol.
Perhaps im lookin at the wrong site, lol, i definetly cant see any brushes.. and layout being your tables exceeding the graphical background..
Aye no bad... but as lycos stick that dumb thing on the top of there page i would do like a new table cell at the top about 100px so that it can sit in there and then bring the rest of it down by 100px
will make it look a little better
apart from that whats on it already seems ok

ps. id sign up through lycos instead of tripod.. i dunno if its my computer blocks the adds on lycos but i aint ever had that big stupid thing along the top.. http://members.lycos.co.uk/jokesies/ <<<see.. i dont see adds anyways lol