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Oi Bubbles And Jen


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Sep 10, 2004


How are ya's? Is it lunch time yet? I'm sooooooooooooo hungry.... Bubbs what you making me for lunch??
I've already had mines.. i made a fresh tomatoe herb and spring onion pasta
was lovely and garlicy.. pats his tummy
well i just had dinner, pork medallion, with a plated salad of lettuce, onion, cheese, capsicum, egg with english style salad cream, and then a homemade whitewine and onion sauce, with midget gems!!!
briiing on the goodness!!!
Originally posted by Snowbaby@Jul 5 2005, 01:21 PM
mmmmmmmmmmm food!!!!!!!

heya ACG :wave2: how's hunni? you keeping okies?
Hi sweetie...Im fine thanks...hows you?

Hiya Tia :flower4u:

Jen...that sounded tasty,I had a ham salad with homemade potato salad...yummy.

Hiya Bubbles...hows things?
Heya's how are you all this morning?

I've been thrown in at the deep end this morning at work... I've been put into the call team taking calls as we have a lack of staff.... the motorways are closed here due to G8.... JOY!!!
Hi everyone :wave2: ,

It looks like we are in for some more rain here. I'm going to be spending an hour or two in the bush today so I hope the rain holds off.

How is everyone else? :umm:
hi guys, not much form my end of the country, saw a movie with david last night, war of the world, great film!although we were dissappointed in bits because we've both read the old old old novel and seen the musical, but meh...
homework today..oh what fun!
bubye xxx