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Oh no!

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Silent Fear, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Silent Fear

    Silent Fear New Member

    I'm startin high school soon and the guy I've got a crush on is going to a different school. What do I do? :cry:
  2. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    Yes this happend to me but, I hate to tell you this but, things happen for a reason. You may need to give it time. And you proably hear that all the time. But I advise you not to beat yourself up over this cause last year I did that and oh boy! Not a good feeling. lol Though scince you will be starting soon maybe things will change with him and he will go to the school your going to. I have faith. lol I hope I did some help. :)
  3. Sezza

    Sezza New Member

    heh having gone through all this i can safely tell you even though you really like this guy once you get to high school (it may sound awful) you'll forget all about him. There are so many new people to meet and new spunky guys so i can assure you it will hurt for a while but you'll find someone else. Well thats speaking from personal experiance i thought i was going to die when i went to high school cause my crush was going to another school but i lived and the new school was great and full of talent.
  4. hmmmmm cant help much, theres only 2 high schools where I live so there's always a way to keep in contact...pretty much everyting is within walking distance of everything!

    But yes, I'm starting high school this year too so any other problems plz share em with me we can help each other :)

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