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Nearly July


New Member
Feb 21, 2005
Nottingham U.K
:wave2: Nearly July and nearly school holidays what have people got planned and is anyone going away?

I'm not going away till september 4th so I have got the kids off for 7 weeks instead of 6 but at least when we go away all the other kids will be back at school
and they both go to school everyday when we get back Kyle to nursery and Chloe to Infants so gonna be a shock after such a long time off

not sure what we are doing in big holidays yet Phil is at work most days so I have to come up with things to keep the kids entertainned
Anyone got any ideas for some things games etc that are not too messy lol
Anyway let us all know what you are upto
Talk soon
Well, I'm going to Costa Del Prudential for the big holidays.... What superfun!!!!!!!!!

Actually that's a lie.... cue new ticker in signature!!!!! We've got the first two weeks in August off..... hurrah!!!!!!!!!!

The bratts are off school here from today
i cant wait to be pestered for how ever many weeks they get off now.. lol and i aint got any holidays.. till gawd knows when cause i aint put them in yet.. i may just take the whole of december off instead hehe
im goin up north to garmouth near Elgin
im goin to visit my gran and grandpa
the 3 boys Ashley Chris Oliver and there mum and dad
and the 2 girls charlotte and alex

im goin there on monday 4th July
cant wait goin 4 2weeks

then on the 8th August
im goin to Arbroath with ma pal and her family to stay in a caravan for 6 days

Charlotte take your kids to the park kids usually like that.
oh woath me - am i the only one who won't be going off anywhere!

I'll be preparing to start Uni in September, trying to ensure childcare sorted for my placements and that i've got all my jabs n books and things and bits n bobs - though i might have time for little trip to skegness and scotland before i start!
Huwwo merlin
I'm not going anywhere this summer... you not alone!!!!

I'm going to work and umm... home!!