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My Sunday afternoon outing


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Sep 10, 2004
I thought I would share with you, the exciting outing I had this afternoon...

We decided to go out for a wee run in the car, and stop for a pub lunch along the way somewhere. So off we went driving... well fiance was driving, I was looking
Spied this gorgeous pub serving food, we went inside only to be told they had no room for any more

So back in the car and off we went again. Ooooohhh look, a cafe!!!! Let's try the cafe. So in we go, sit down, waiting to be served.... 20 minutes later, we're still waiting to be served.... I overheard the man serving at the counter:

"Where's table 10's food... they have been waiting for 45 minutes"

Promptly I stood up and say to fiance, let's go, I aint waiting 45 mins...

Out we go.... ooooh look a wee takeaway chip shop right next door, how convenient. So in we go, and order a fish supper and a pie supper (the girl did not know what kind of pie
) The girl took out 2 wee boxes for our food to go in - how swanky...

She piles chips in like she dont give a monkey's bum how they land in the box... and oh WOW!!! Look at that delicious looking pie she sat on top of the chips....


Ok, she took the lid of the box, folded it over the pie and *SQUASHES* the lid down on top of the pie.

My pie is now flat

Don't you LOVE Sundays?!?!?!
Awwwww thats tuctors for you..
hehehe if you came here i could have made you some spag bol lets just say im a good cook lol well infact im good at everything.. you so want to be me well no you dont because all you get is hasselled with people going how do i do this and that and this and that.. yada yada or can you do this and that for me you get sick of it after a while you dont want to be good at everything like me.. im gonna retire and play dumb
Poor Snowy, nothing worse than a squishied pie

And poor old Bubbles too .......... it must be hard being perfect all the time, I don't know how you manage it you superwoman you
I love my chippies but i'd have to say, chippies with a servivng of squished pie on te't top isnt my cuppa toi!