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my reasoning


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Jan 30, 2005
for being so scarce believe me i dont know how i am goin through it i feel like i am goin to
ok well bryan got out of the hospital and still has the pain come and go. he has been working 430am to 430pm to make up for the time that he had missed cause he didnt get paid for it. we are used to paychecks of his being at least $1100 every 2 weeks well he got only $400 bucks this check. That doesnt pay electric cable phone water no less rent. so i paid the electric and water and had to save the rest for gas (being it is $2.39 a gallon here.) and cigs for him. He was tryin to quit but he cant just quit so he has slowed down alot from 30 to 10 a day. Well to top it off i was supposed to go back to work bout 2 weeks ago and i was told being i was a temp the department i was working for had to get financial approval because it is for the school board but the boss told me it would not be a problem cause they loved me and needed me. well i get a call yesterday that i will not be going back to work because their budget cant fit me even if it was part time. so i just lost over $300 a week. So we are running about $800 behind not including food that we are running low on.

Then i have been gettin bailey my youngest ready for kindergarden and being he has an iep for his speech i have asked that the head start test him because i dont want problems when he gets to kindergarden cause i know the teachers and they dont tolerate it... i will be in the principals office every day. he has adhd. he is on meds but not really doing much but you can tell when he is on them and when he is not. Well talking to one of the resource officers she is tellin me that he is goin to have to be tested for asperger's syndrome (which is a form of autism). I am not dealing with this well.

This is why i have not been on cause of stress and just not sure what i am doin. i have also being goin to drs appt after dr appts for the kids. tomorrow i have to take bailey for his kindergarden physical and then i have both the oldest ones who have been playing little league baseball and softball so i am either at one field or another. practice 2 each a week and 2 games a week each. Lord will it ever stop depression has set in. I am now going to have to go look for a job starting asap. so please bare with me.

sorry i am babbling.
Have you got any family around you who can hel support? I don't mean financially, but emotionally and physically? Like brother/sister/parents/in-laws? Anyone who can just help out a bit. You sound like you need a wee rest.

As I don't have children, I can't begin to imagine how worried you must be, but think of it this way, he is your son, always will be your son and I know you will love him no matter what the outcome of tests may be. (Sorry if these are not the "right" words, they sounded reassuring in my head).

As for bills, now that you are not working, would you be entitled to any help financially from the government? I'm not sure how the government works in USA, but you should look into it, and try all "avenues" to see what you may be entitled to, even the smallest help is good.

I'm going to move this into the correct section, but keep us updated

I agree with Snowbaby, I would try to get all the help your able to from as much family as you can..and there is nothin wrong with public assistance..They will help you, Thats alot of stress to deal with..Ive been there myself..and we all need help when things happen to good ppl such as your self and family..Are ur kids on medicade ect ect? I would for sure check all this out..if ur in Tx they have alot of revenue for this..Please keep us posted and will be thinking of you and ur family.. :flower4u: :flower4u: :flower4u:
Originally posted by Lostchild1962@Apr 15 2005, 11:14 PM
Thats alot of stress to deal with
You hit the nail right on the head there Lostchild1962.

too much stress for one person to have to cope with alone.... share it with someone close to you.

TxBA thats so stressful
you should take snows and LostChilds advice. they've got it right .... i dont know wot to say but all this happening too you at once is completely awful! ... well one thingsto mind... "when you've hit the bottom the only way left to go is up"
*HUG* hang in there =|
i agree ,u need to get some help. dont suffer this on your own. if u need some one to talk to pm me