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my girls im leaving...


New Member
Oct 15, 2004
i doubt ill be on much, im in auckland (well deavenport) t the moment as an australian representative for the national youth science forum...

if i can...ill keep u posted

if not
cya in 15 days

i love you dearly

dont wanna go...

:wub: Jen xxx

oh btw snowy, Dave wanted ur help in making a count down ticker till i get back (im back on the 29th of Jan) if you could please :help:
:wub: thanks! (PM him in UM)
*PM sent* :D

Jen u make sure u have a fantabulous time. And let us know when ur back and all about it!!!!

*hugs* Snowy :groovy: :flower4u:
Aww have a great time Tiddly!

Ok, I'm not sure if this is the same thing but I have a friend called Bex (her real name is Rebecca but everyone calls her Bex. Tall, blonde frizzy hair) who is going to a science get together too. I suppose you've left by now but just in case this is the same thing, that would be plain crazy.

Gutted that it's in Auckland and not Wellington because then we could have met up!

Ah well, have a most fun time :)
hope you're having heaps of fun Jen! we await your arrival home *grabs a chair and a deck of cards*