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My due date


New Member
Dec 23, 2004
My due date is September 16th (for now anyway, wont find out 100% until I go for an ultrasound in Feb)! Seems a million years away
I went into labour on the 13th, our eldest is 13th of Feb.
I thought our son wanted the same date as his big sister, no such luck he kept me going until the 14th. :bop:
Thats cool. Good job your eldest didnt stay in there another day

My daughter was due on 14th and born on 10th, her brother was due on 10th and born on 14th! (her brother isnt my son)
coolies its so exciting when you get your due date i am also pregnant due on the 31st of march. I know when i got my due date i ahve been doing nothing but counting down the days hehe :twirl: