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Sep 10, 2004
Some background info to start...... on Friday I got told I was to have a job interview today (monday 13th Sept)

So over the weekend, i went into town for new trousers for this interview, so i would look smart :D

So, today, monday, i got up that little bit early for work, just so i could make sure i look nice. My interview time was 11am.....

i started work at 9am. The wait until 11am was like 10 hours!! However, i lock my computer at work at 10:45 am, so i have enough time to go pee, and sort my make up and squirt perfume (as we do)

I arrive at the interview room at 10:55am (ooo good timing, shows my punctuality)

I have a seat in the interview room and wait

.....and wait

.....and wait

at 11:15am, i leave the room and go to find the woman who told me about the interview. I tell her i waited 20minutes and no one came along. She checks her spreadsheet with the interview times on it..... "oh it's not today, it's on Minday the 18th Sept"

I proceed to tell her that Sept doesn't have a monday the 18th!! (And i told her this onr friday as well, where she assured me it was supposed to be the 13th...today)

She replies "hmmmm it must be next monday, the 20th..... come back again same time next week"

:angry: :td: :( :unsure: :rolleyes:
Well tsk @ her !

she could at least have had the grace to apologise, I say go back 2morro and stab her with a carrot.......she'll think twice about making THAT mistake again

My response would've been well if yer so disorganised you can't even get the interviews right in the first place perhaps i don't want the job after all.

If it's an interdepartmental job interview - perhaps a politely worded e-mail to the head of that department requesting clarification of exactly when yer interview is would be worthwhile - last thing you want is to be late or not turn up because you were given the wrong information!

Bloody hell - i thought the places i've worked were badly organised!

Good luck with the interview - if and when it finally happens lol! You'll walk it!

xx :tu:
Originally posted by thistle@Sep 13 2004, 08:20 PM
I say go back 2morro and stab her with a carrot.......she'll think twice about making THAT mistake again
YEY thisty, i like it, i think I have influenced u a tad too much!!!!! :tu: :lol:
Update 20/09/04

Well, the interview round 2...

Today I went along to the room at 10:55 (my interview being at 11am). Went in, sat down and waited....


sod this, I thought, so i frog marched up to the resourcing wifey's desk (again), only to find she had a day off :eek:

So the wee man who sits next to her offered some help. I explained to him i went last week and was stood up and was stood up yet again today. He was so shocked, he promised to find out what had gone wrong and email me at work to let me know.

So i returned to my desk and started doing my work again, when 10 minutes later i got an email from the woman who was supposed to interview me. It says "hi, phone me asap" So i phoned her and explained what happened. She was told to pick me up from reception!!!!!!!!


So anyways, we rearranged it and I finally got my interview. Fingers crossed i get the job after all that!!!
OMG !!!!!!!!

Well let's hope none of these people ever have to organise anything in a life or death situation !

Good luck snowy, fingers crossed for you

Did she feel sorry for you after all that messin snowy
Not really sure did a great interview

How is the job going? Was it worth it?