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My anime/cartoon/manga drawings!

Great !! really nice .. like them all
i know drawing using the mouse is not an easy job but u did Great job !!!!
Well I've been practicing more and have a new style, and here it is:





WAAAAA!!! They look great! Really nice piece of artwork. Have you ever consider earning from these illustrations or something? I know you can sell your talent in fiverr ^^ That is what I do. :3
Thank you all so much <3

Doll Leviste - I've been considering doing that at some point, it sounds like a neat idea. Thanks :D
Heehee, thanks <3

I dunno if I'll pursue a career in art since it's just something I do to relax and blow off some steam but I'm flattered that you think I have what it takes :p
Pretty obvious you like to draw a lot! ;)
I could say that you are really talented and i am not even near to that talent. I am poor in drawing and definitely could not make such mouse drawing outputs. I used to have a little talent in sketching faces but i guess it was gone now cause i am not sketching for so many years now.
A tip to get better: Draw every day. And don't worry about being good. Just draw in pen, at least one thing a day. If you like that, look at some art and read tutorials. Then draw more. And repeat. You'll get better I promise.

Also, don't draw to impress. Ever. Draw for yourself because you like doing it, not to impress the person on deviantART who has 20,000 followers.
those are very pretty drawings, you must take a lot of practice I think .

Amateur artist here. I love drawing manga. I was using XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Art Tablet for a while and really liked the simple but surprisingly versatile setup. At the moment I am using Clip Studio Paint (as I mainly dabble in comic and anime art),it comes with 3D modeled figures and even poses you can use.

here's my drawings...
I'm very inspired to draw anime characters..
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