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more whineys from thistle


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Sep 11, 2004
in my own world mostly
okies, I don't actually HAVE anything specifically to moan about for once lol. So I'm just gonna moan in general on behalf of everyone who like me is forced to work with the *shudder* public.

So okies.....if you DO have to put up with any of the following you'll know how annoying it is, if you DON'T.......TAKE THE HINT !

To start with, next time you walk into a shop please try to remember that if you are rude to the staff, while they may not be allowed to be rude to your face, they WILL take revenge in other ways *snigger*

If you happen to have your children with you......

Rule 1 : Don't try to tell us that your "little cherub" isn't normally this badly behaved !......You come into the shop EVERY day ! we KNOW that your kid is a brat.

Rule 2 : Yes we KNOW that a lot of stuff is at the right height for kids to touch....DEAL with it and keep an eye on them. We are not paid to watch YOUR kids. IF they take a £12 liptick and proceed to draw all over the shop with it...

a ) expect to be asked to pay for it...
b ) don't blame the fact that the lipstick was within easy reaching distance
c ) do NOT EVER point to us and say "That lady is gonna give you a row".....NO we are not ! that's your job !

If you don't read the prices properly, that's your problem, we are so not gonna give you a product worth £25 for £5 just because you THOUGHT that's what the price was

If you throw your money at us......we WILL throw your change back at you

Just because we are wearing the company uniform does not give you the right to shove past us/barge us with your pushchairs/forget your manners etc

And finally,

When we are standing at a checkout......with a queue of customers....being very obviously busy.....don't barge to the front of the queue to ask if we can show you where the toothpaste is.....WAIT your turn or better yet, open your eyes and go find it yourselves lol

*deep breath*

snowy if you ever get rid of this forum, I'll be very upset you know