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moan moan moan


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Sep 11, 2004
in my own world mostly
well now........where do I start ?

Oooooh I know !........ well, today I found out that my ex manager ( now manager at another store ) has put one of his best friends, who also happens to be his assistant managers b'friend, up against me in for my promotion !......now I know that doesn't sound too bad but the guy is an idiot ! and my ex manager has only done it to because he wants to fill the company with his all his own friends.

Now the awkward bit is.....IF I get the job, and without seeming too confident.....it's looking prettty damn promising.........I then have to go thru a 3 week training period. And just guess who's store THAT's gonna be in......yeps that's right my ex manager's one.

So......if I get the job, I will have to spend 3 weeks being trained by a guy who is dead opposed to me getting the job, and who's assistant manager is gonna see me as the person who stopped her b'friend getting the job. Now isn't THAT gonna be a barrel of laughs :(

AND ! as if that isn't enough........there are rumours that this guy is not exactly worried about planting stuff on staff members he doesn't like just so he can sack them !

oh yer......and I broke my longest fingernail too :p
Just a quick idea - could be a complete waste of time - any chance you could request training at a different store - this is of course after you've received confirmation in writing that you have the job? If they ask - give them genuine reason of conflict of personality with other branch manager stating you do not feel you'd have a fair training period - especially due to reasons of lack of impartiality?
well fraid my next nearest store is in Edinburgh and as I'll be relying on public transport that just isn't practical :( ..........BUT......my manager is well aware of the situation so IF I get the job and IF he starts being a complete and utter t*sser.....I at least have someone to back me up B)
ok, I'm just gonna make this my official personal moaning thread lol.

K, so my moan for today is......

I went to get a book earlier, I can't remember what it's called or who wrote it......but I remember the basic storyline so in theory it should've bn fairly easy to go to my bookcase and find it. But........I've bn thru my bookcase several times and not one of the books there is what I'm looking for. Which means.........*shiver* someone ELSE has it !

Now anyone that knows me, will agree that I just do NOT lend my books out....mainly because of problems getting them back again, them being returned with coffee ring marks on the cover and worst of all ........... being lent out to a third party ! :angry: .

So now I have this book that I desperately want to read again, but I have no idea who has it and I can't even remember who wrote it to ask around !

*trundles off to booby trap her bookcase*
I HATE that!!!!!! I hate it when u lend people things and u never see them again!!! we're one of the same thistle :)
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Now anyone that knows me, will agree that I just do NOT lend my books out....mainly because of problems getting them back again, them being returned with coffee ring marks on the cover and worst of all ........... being lent out to a third party !  .[/b]
*nods profusely* i hate that too! this may sound stungy but i dont even like lending out to my friends just in case.... *dum dum DUUUMMMMM*

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*trundles off to booby trap her bookcase*[/b]
hmmm good idea... *stalks off to own bookcase*

*or a hug... :'(*
Originally posted by arwenpotter@Sep 13 2004, 05:51 PM
*or a hug... :'(*

*hugs arwen*


Actually........ I have nothing to whinge about today, but there's still a few hours before bedtime so I may be back yet lol
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*hugs arwen*[/b]
Thx thistle :wub: i feel better now :p wot tiem it where you are?? its 4:34am here in AUS lol! i dont have school tomorrow... oh wiat sorry TODAY.

hehe i havent ahd anythign to whinge aboot either... yet.. lol i havent really done anything :p:p
Hey T, any chance it's around the same area yer keys were when you lost them?

Just an idea???? Or perhaps Basil's chewed it - maybe he's not a fan of the book lol!

I swear swear swear that other than the tapes i swiped from your fabulous collection - i aint got any books lol! Though i did flick through a couple when I was there last - but i read most of them already miself!

It'll turn up! Tell me what it was about - perhaps i have one in my collection - we seem to like same music n books so you never know lol!

It'll be fine! I've had a bad day but i just can't be bothered whinging about it so i might do it tomorrow!