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Miracle baby survives 2-day abortion proceedure


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Sep 10, 2004
Sometimes an abortion does not produce a dead child. In a recently reported case from Great Britain, even multiple attempts at an abortion failed to do so.

A baby boy who survived repeated efforts to kill him while he was in the womb is doing well as a 2-year-old, according to a report in a British medical journal. Physicians at Salford�s Hope Hospital, where the infant was treated after his birth 24 weeks into his mother�s pregnancy, believe he is the most prematurely born baby to survive abortion long term.

The infant�s travails began when his mother, 24 and already the single parent of a 19-month-old child, learned she was pregnant at 22 weeks, according to a Feb. 14 online article of the Manchester News. The newspaper reported she chose to have an abortion and was given four different drugs during a two-day span for the purpose of taking her child�s life.

Im sorry this is one of the main reason's I cant understand abortion (although sometimes I understand circumstances make it a necessity to have one) - what if it doesnt work?

this is absolutely heart wrentching stuff
One thing I don't get, in Australia the pregnancy is classed as a living baby at 20wks.
If the woman is to go into premature labour after 20wks she must get a death certificate etc, if the baby died.
So how come they can give abortions after this time? :umm:

I'm glad this baby is ok, he obviously has a purpose for being here.