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Jan 7, 2005
Your gender I am women hear me roar!
A rough guide to where you are from (i.e. don't tell us your street name )
Well I was born in Massachuttess USA, but my parents made us move so I live in Oklahoma. NOt a bad place.
A little about yourself
I am a very hyper person. I like science. I am a choir girl! :groovy: Hmmmm...I like to skin(trys), do some graphics(like blinkiee ect.) I love to write, sing(of corse), and dance. lol That is enough about me for now. lol
How you found Girl Power IFSZ btw I am lady luck there, I thought I would joined cause this place looks niffty. :angel3:
Age 15 :dance:
:dance: :petals: howdy there!
you seem like a very funny chick, cant wait to see you posting!
:wave2: and :welcome: to GP.

I have moved u into the Superior Species user group, along with the other girlies. U now have overall access to the forum. If u need help, feel free to post, or contact one of the moderating team. We're here to help :yes:

Enjoy :twirl:

Can I just ask, where exactly on IFSZ did u see a link to us please?
Not open for further replies.