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Makosi Rosy With Cider In Big Brother Rumpus


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Sep 10, 2004
Makosi sparked a furious row that split the Big Brother house today when she smuggled six cans of cider into the Secret Graden.

She helped herself to the treats which had been requested for the luxury food and drink supply by “Team Saskia” and split them among her new friends.

When Big Brother asked a housemate to come to the Diary Room, the nurse correctly guessed alcohol was on its way as she sprinted inside.

She brushed past a thirsty Maxwell who spotted the cans.

Makosi then opened the secret door within the Diary Room and shared the drink with garden housemates Kinga, Orlaith and Eugene.

After downing the cans she departed the Diary Room and was soon met with a tirade of abuse from a furious Saskia.

Staggering into the bedroom looking pleased with herself, the Zimbabwean claimed Big Brother spurred her on to drink all six cans for fun.

“Her mouth reeks of cider!” screeched Vanessa.

Maxwell fumed: “It’s bang out of order. You’ve been a silly little girl!”

Saskia did not believe Makosi’s story and asked for evidence, which she supplied by breathing on her.

The busty Londoner raged: “It smells of dog s***!

“You’re a big attention seeking drama queen! You’re a selfish *sweary word* and you’ll go nowhere in life!”

The claws were and well try out now as Makosi hit back at her “relationship” with Maxwell, as she accused her of stringing him along.

The row degenerated into a slanging match between the two camps in the house, Team Makosi and Team Saskia.