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Love That Doesnt Ends No Matter What


New Member
Jul 4, 2005
When i woke up
There were no one there
I dont think anyone even cared
You left without saying byebye
Our memories of laying by each other side by side
Just flied away
It's not okay
Day go by
Each day i think of a better way to die
You harmed my heart
By not returning
I think there is a lesson i should be learning
You will never be back
Years went by
I still have nobody
I moved in to city named Vegas
Was walking on the street
Saw you
You got a smile on my face
But there were no time for me to chase
You got a family now
Now all i am gonna do is bow
To God
So you be safe
Because I will always Love you!

Author: VolcomBabyBoox
I made it when i were sad when the guy who i liked told me he hates me but i still loved im
Hey volcom

That's a nice piece of writing there but just a bit of feedback - watch your grammar. It's easier to read if it flows rather than having to decipher it. If you need some help, I'm here.

Good work though