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Loudmouth Lesley Poised For Big Brother Boot


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Sep 10, 2004
Loudmouth Lesley has been warned that she will booted out of the Big Brother house if she continues her personal vendetta against Sam.

The pair have constantly clashed this week with the feisty Huddersfield sales rep causing most of the aggravation.

In their latest slanging match, Lesley branded Surrey marketing student Sam a “silly little tart”.

The row flared during a conversation about chicken nuggets.

Lesley accused Sam of eating more than her fair share and, when Sam told her to shut up, spat: “One day you’re going to have the s*** knocked out of you.”

Student Sam replied: “Stop threatening me.”

Lesley hissed: “If I threatened you, you’d know about it, you silly little tart.”

She later confided to housemates Craig and Makosi that she was warned she could be evicted if she broke rules over intimidating behaviour.

Big Brother gave specific examples of her behaviour toward Sam that would not be tolerated.