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Leadership positions at school


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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
Next year will be my last year at college before I'm off to university and, sa part of that, we get to really be involved with the shcool through leadership postions. Things like -
Head girl
Deputy Head Girl
Executive Council
Cultural, Sports, Student Support and Houses Committees
House Leaders

We could apply for the last 4, exuc. council are voted in by the students (the candidates must make a 1minute speech as to why they should be in. This year there were 63 candidates for 12 postions).

I applied for prefect (chosen by the teachers), exec. council and house leader because, heck, you gotta be in to win. I didn't get any in the end (we had prizegiving last night). I wasn't too bothered about prefect or council but I was about house leader because I think I would have done a good job of that. All the hosue leaders this year are quiet people adn you'd think for that position they'd choose loud enthusiastic people to enocurage all the youngun's to participate but ah well.

But anyways.

Does your shcool offer leadership positions once you reach the top of school? Did you apply/Are you applying for any?
yup yup yup School Capitan!
fingers crossed i get it eh?
And rock eisteddfod has team leaders and dance captains....double fingers crossed..no wait...triple! :blink: :p
lol we were prefects last year, and i was form captain for the first years for two terms B)
In grade six I was the Vocal group captain. It was the 7 best singers in the school together, the teacher got in trouble for letting a student who wasn't in seven get the post.... damn government schools!
HEY!! tiddlyjen i live in AUS too ;) cept i live in canberra :p we dont get to do rock eisteddford at my school :( two girls ruined us entering the competition aboot 7yrs ago or soemthing *cries* not that im good at dancing but there are heaps of people at my school that are.

oooh cool Jedi Chick! hehe no fair you guys all get elected and wot not lol. the most i get asked to do is perform at anything the school is holding like music wise. or my art work.... oh nuts.. i forgot aboot the musical the drama teacher wants me to practice for!!! Glinda.. ehe ironic.. the good witch of Oz.. hehhee