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Latest On Jamelia, Latest On Ozzy


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Feb 21, 2005
Nottingham U.K

Jamelia is due to have her second baby in October 2005 and says that motherhood is more important then her singing career

The singer announced last month (April 05) That she was three months pregnant. To have her first child with her boyfriend Darren Byfield (soccer star)

She as no plans to retreat, but says if her new baby puts an end to her music career she will have no regrets.



Ozzy as been diagnosed with Parkin syndrome, Ozzy assumed that his problems had come from the drink and drugs that he had taken in the past. But now it seems that it was inherited from his relatives.

One of the doctors told him he had MS (multiple sclerosis) and he believd him until he got a second opinion who diagnosed it as Parkin syndrome.

His sister told him after diagnosis that his mum, Aunty and granma had it too.

It is not Parkinsons disease, Just Parkin as any condition to do with the central nervous system as the word Parkin in it.


I think Ozzy is great
and his series are so funny
I like Ozzy as well.

He always brings a smile to my face, you can really tell he loves his family.