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Nov 15, 2004
There has been reports of multiple explosions in london.. the london tube has closed due to the explosions what they said were just power surges.. and now there is said to be 3 buses exploded.. and they are pondering if it is a terrorist attack.. lol i dont know about you.. but like buses and tube trains dont just explode.. if it aint some form of terrorism.... the firebrigade have been called out to a number of explosions supposidly.
Gawd, what next huh? What pleasure do these people get out of killing/harming innocent people!!!!
Well.. id be more thinking what right do such people have to be living in our country in the first place.. but as per usual.. the goverment have other things to do like redirect what is actually happening in the country with stuff like g8 and the olympics being held in london 2012, like gee wiz worry about the problems in your own country first.. then go about helping other places.

They have now said there has been fatalitys due to the explosions.. and think how easy it is for whomever is directing the attack to just disapear into the background.. and nothing to be ever heard about it again.. it really does make me sad that our country has gotten so bad.. and they wonder why so many people want to imigrate else where lol... awk well
Hmmmm it wont be a protest agains them getting the olympics.. it will just be them showing that they are still there waiting for the right time to attack and remind them when the olympics are there.. more people can be injured etc etc..
Well its the only for of terrorist attack that i could see that would bring london to a stand still.. and it probably wont recover from it for a long time..

and no confirmed numbers yet potholer
It has to be a terrorist attack, today was the start of the G8 summit, and the Olympics decision was made, god this world is retarded, what good does killing people have!?!?!?!?!
Well it all comes from medling in other peoples countries.. maybe thats the message they are trying to send out.. *shrugs*
Here's the latest update

More than 50 people died in the London bomb attacks, the head of the Metropolitan Police has said.

Although only 49 people are confirmed dead, Sir Ian Blair said an unknown number of bodies remain in the blast-hit Tube train at Russell Square.

The police had an "implacable resolve" to track down those responsible for the bombings, the Met Commissioner said.

The police chief confirmed that 13 people were killed in the bus blast at Tavistock Square alone.

There was "absolutely nothing" to suggest that this was the work of a suicide bomber or "to rule it out", said Sir Ian.

They will not make us change our way of life
The Queen

Tracing the bombers
Hope can fight terror - Blair
Queen condemns bombings

It was "blindingly obvious" that a terrorist cell was operating in Britain, he said, as massive intelligence operation to find the perpetrators moved into gear.

"This was an attack which was entirely arbitrary, random, irrespective of race, of colour of gender and age," he said.

Victims not only came from Britain but from Sierra Leone, Australia, Portugal, Poland and China, he said.

The timing of the attacks meant that one person could not have carried all four attacks out, he added.

Politicians and police have paid tribute to the resilience of Londoners, with transport returning to a near-normal service on the Tube.

Speaking from the G8 summit in Gleneagles the prime minister said the purpose of terrorism was to put anger and hatred in people's hearts.

CCTV trawl

Meanwhile, the Queen sent a message of defiance to those behind the attacks, saying: "They will not change our way of life."

London Mayor Ken Livingstone said he had believed for some time that an attack on the city was inevitable and said the emergency operation had "worked like clockwork" because of the planning involved.

He said a book of condolences would be opened at City Hall on Monday and that a London's bombings relief fund would be set up to assist those that have suffered.

Both Mr Livingstone and Sir Ian urged people to come forward with information that may help track down the bombers. People can call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

I saw three bodies on the track - I couldn't look, it was so horrific
Scott Wenbourne

Where the blasts happened
Latest travel news
Your eyewitness accounts

Ports and airports are on a state of high alert and a huge recovery of CCTV material has started in an attempt to identify the bombers.

Anti-terrorist branch head Andy Hayman said devices with less than10 lbs (4.5kg) of high explosive were left on the floor in the Tube trains and may have been left on the seat of the bus.

He added that emergency services were encountering difficulties recovering bodies from the Tube train between King's Cross and Russell Square because the tunnel was unsafe.

'Intelligence failure'

Home Secretary Charles Clarke said looking for potential bombers was like searching for "needles in haystacks".

A claim on the website of a previously unknown group, the Secret Organisation Group of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organisation in Europe, saying it was behind the blast, was now being taken seriously, he said.

The failure to predict Thursday's bombs should not obscure past successes, he said, but admitted: "It certainly was a failure of intelligence in the sense that we didn't know this was coming."

Passengers evacuate an underground train at Kings Cross (Photo: Alexander Chadwick)

Enlarge Image

Prince Charles spent more than an hour, along with the Duchess of Cornwall, visiting casualties and staff at St Mary's Hospital near the Edgware Road tube blast.

Scotland Yard confirmed seven people died in the Liverpool Street explosion, another seven at Edgware Road, a further 13 in the Tavistock Square bus blast and at least 21 at the King's Cross blast. A 49th person died in hospital later.

Some people 700 were hurt, 22 of whom were serious or critical.

Anyone worried about missing relatives or friends can contact a special police hotline on 0870 156 6344.