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Joke of the day!


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Sep 10, 2004
There was a young man that was studying to be a ventriloquist
walking along one day, when he noticed an old Indian man sitting
in front of his little store. The old man had his dog laying by
his chair, a horse tied to a post nearby, and a sheep in a pen.
The young man thought to himself that he would have a little fun
with the old man so he walked up to him and asked if he cared if
he talked to his dog.

The old man replied "Umm go ahead dog not talk". So the young man
went over near the dog and to the Indians amazement seemed to be
carrying on a conversation about how bad the Indian treated his
dog, bad food, no exercise, etc. So the young man turned to the
Indian and asked if it would be alright to talk to his horse. The
Indian replied, "Umm go ahead horse not talk."

Again the young man went near the horse and seemed to be carrying
on a conversation with the horse about how his owner mistreated
him, tied to a post all day, bad food, etc. This time as the
young man turned to the Indian man whose eyes were bulging in
amazement, the Indian man quickly told him: "Don't talk to sheep
- sheep tell lies!"