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Jeepers creepers!


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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
Ok, I have a little brother who is 13. He is one of the most talkitive people I know and I never understand how he can talk so much about nothing. I think that's the reason he has so many girlfriends, his ability to talk and talk and talk.

But anyway, the annoying bit.

When I'm on the computer, I have the headphones on, listening to music. I like to think this is a clear indication that I'm not going to be listening to anything anyone is saying, even if the fact that I'm busily typing or very intent on reading something highly interesting doesn't give it away. But my brother seems to be oblivious to all this. And he talks to me. So I sit there making listening sounds (because I can hear him mumbling through the music) trying my best to hint that I really don't care about what he's saying without actually saying "hey, shutup, I really don't care" because I feel guilty as I probably don't tell him I love him as much as I should (he sure as hell tells me that enough - he's a very hug-and-kiss sort of person).

And it's soooo annoying because I really really don't care but still "listen" (but not really) because otherwise I feel bad.

*shakes fist*

Originally posted by Potholer@Sep 23 2004, 12:16 PM
very intent on reading something highly interesting
awwwwwww Potty, I'm touched truly I am.......you never said that got so interested when I'm yacking away to you :p

now repeat after me.......this is a very useful phrase.....are you ready?


of course depending on how you use this phrase you will either get instananeous peace or told to "shut up and quit moaning"

but having said that.....

Awwwwwwwwww your brother sounds so sweet !

:lol: T! Course it's fascinating when I'm talking to you! there is no-one else I cant hink of who I'd do cyber lucky fun impressions :lol:

*readies self* Ok, I think I got this down -



Well, he's very sweet if you like getting sloppy kisses on your forehead/cheeks (yeah, he's taller than me now so he can get to my forehead) or hugs a million times a day...

Heh, maybe if I sing along to my music, it will further deter him...*ponders*