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Indigestion remedies?


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Sep 10, 2004
As a sufferer of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), I am prone to bouts of nasty indigestion. Other than over the counter remedies, or milk. Does anyone know any other tips or remedies for this?

Thanks in advance! :tu:
my mums always saying in yumcha (sorta like a BIG lunch!!) that chinese tea helps you digest foods n thats why you drink tea during yumcha so you can eat more n stuff LMAO. but hey snowy try it but make sure that its chinese my mum said the other teas dont work as well... sounds arogant i know but i say shes right!! try the chinese green tea k?? ;)
I'd agree with green tea...... AND it just tastes yummy too lol

Also peppermints, I know ppl think you get a complimentary after dinner mint at resaurants to help hide your "Garlic Breath" but peppermint helps you digest your food better.

So......Drink green tea while sucking an extra strong mint

Remegel mint are quite nice Snowbaby ... not chalky at all ....... funny thing is I have never ever suffered from heartburn or indegestion in my life but the last 4 days i got it lolol ....... why i aint a clue cos i dont eat fatty foods etc so i guess it must be just one of those things with me lol ........... anyway i was asking about as you do lol and i was told Ginger beer pop is great for it apparantly u have to drink a small glass fast until it makes u belch ( i know it dont sound nice lol) and it relieves the pressure ,Im gonna try it anyway cos this acid heartburn is doing my head in lolol :unsure: