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Im Sorry!! It Wasnt Me!


New Member
Jul 5, 2005
Right Behind You
im so sorry about the topics that was my sister!!! ugggh i hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she got into my account and then went into my favorites....im so sorry

she did it to some of the other forums i go to! ugghhh
....i hate her!!!

i was grounded for a few days and during those days!!

forgive me( well my sister anyways)!
Why has it taken you so long to explain?? You say you have been grounded, but you have been on yesterday and today, why did you not post then??

Ok this topic has been approved, but you will remain on topic/post approval until we know you can be trusted. You may still post as little or as much as you want, but your posts will not appear until one of us have approved them.

Can I just say.... change your password to something ONLY you know....

Make sure you "log out" after each visit...

then you, and only you have access to your account. Any more of what we saw, and you will be banned.