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I'm so PROUD


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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
Heroes of Might and Magic V is coming out and one of the sites has the coolest banner of it. As you can see, the angel with the sword looks simply brilliant so I decided to photo shop it so I could have it for an avatar. I haven't quite finished yet, but that's only because I can't quite figure out how to make a border for it, how to get the right effect.

The original banner can be found here

and this is my creation -
Oh and this is what the shot looked liek before I took out all the unnecessaries -
It may not look like much but goodness gracious me, it was hard work.

SO proud though!
Hehe thanks TJ!

Do you do much of this? I'm wondering whether I went about it the hard way and maybe there's an easier way to do it. I'm hoping someone might know and might be able to give suggestions on waht would be a good sort of border fo it. otherwise it doesn't look very avatarish - just a random picture

EDIT: Ooo and thanks Snowy! Maybe you could help me out?

Merci beaucoup
heya Potty,
I've just started getting into doing Sigs and avvies, it's quite fun isnt it?I'm using Ulead Gif animator, I got it from the barman on UM( if you PM he can send it to you too) it's a big file, (i think its around 8MB), but it's well worth it, once you get to know the buttons and stuff you can make anything!
I made u a surprise too!!!
(it was using the Ulead Gif blahdie blahdie blah

enjoy my dear!
"Young" Artists.. awww shucks thanks snowbaby lol..
And it depends what way you done it potholer.. athough you over done it with the blur tool or smudge tool you used
and well if you never used layers or created a partern then and flood filled the bit you was trying to blur and blend in then yeps done it the hard way
First of all

*SQUEAL* Oh my gosh, thanks TJ! I lvoe it! Weeeeee *puts as avatar* How does it look?


That's exact;y what my friend said too! "The blurring of the wings was a bit overdone," I'm pretty sure I saved two or three copies and I'm hoping at least one is from before I did the blurring


Thanks again!