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If You Had A Short Time Left...


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Sep 10, 2004
Hello girls and boys :wave2:

Ok, this is a bit of a morbid topic, but I think it would be very interesting....

If you were told you only had a short period of time left to live.... what would you make sure you did before your time was up? :flower4u:
tell my family i love them each day, make a book to give my sister and brother about everything i love about them and will always love about them. And make one for David too.
I'd divide the money from Dad up between my family and closest friends and I'd have a huge party.
I was gonna say go traveling but I'd probably want to make sure I got to visit everyone in my family and spend as much time as I could with them all.......

Then I'd write a letter to each of my closest friends and family, but unlike Jen who is super nicey I'd etll them what they do that really annoys me too

for example....

Dearest (name omitted even tho I already told her this )

Love you lots and lots, one of my bestest friends EVER but OMG ! do you REALLY have to bite your fork when you eat? it makes my teeth bleed. Pretty please in memory STOP IT !

lol at Thistle

I'd spend all of my time with my family, leave them with loads of happy memories of me and try not to tell the kids off for fighting and arguin lol
Which is all I seem to be saying the ast couple of weeks ( damn holidays