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I Succeeded!


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Dec 23, 2004
Whenever I'm going to do some cooking I normally joke that I'll set the house on fire (I'm a crap cook)
Anyway today I decided to do mashed potato. Everything was going great, I peeled the potatoes, put them in the water on the hob and turned the hob on (gas cooker) 20 minutes later mum goes to check on tea and starts screaming, I run downstairs and one of the rings on the hob was on fire (you know how hobs have 4 sections, well one section dunno how to describe it) Anyway one section was on fire. What had happened? I'd left one of the utensils in the frying pan on another ring and the handle had caught fire and the fire spread to the actual ring section (ok im tired and really crap at desribing)...no damage done, just a melted utensil... :groovy:
LOL Zoe, ur not alone!!! I lived in our last flat for a year, within that year we had 2 fires because of the cooker!!

It's very easily done, but i bet from now on, each time u turn the cooker on.... u will double check things lying around it :yes: Learn by our mistakes as they say!!


Yay that you cooked them Zoe!

Don't worry, I promise it will get better. Why am I so sure?

Example #1:
My sister use to be most horrid cook. Once she tried to make choclate cake but filled the processor up too much. By the end of the mixing stage the kitchen bench was covered - and I mean covered - in cake mix.
Another time, she was home alone cooking on the stove top. She got a call from a friend to go out and when mum got home, the coil was glowing red hot and the door was wide open. *oops*

Now, she is flatting and she is the best cook in the flat. Everyone looks forward to her cooking-day.

Example #2:
When my mum left home, she didn't know a single thing about cooking. Not a thing. But her mum gave her a cook book for when she went flatting and now, years later, my mum is the best cook ever. She makes the most delicious foods *drool*

I'm hoping I've also got this not-cook-now-cook gene *crosses fingers*

i can only bake ^___^ no one else in my immediate family can bake without burning it cept me! *feels special ;)* i havent burnt anything.. yet :p coz i never cook... i help peel the carrots but thats all im trusted to do lol
Originally posted by Snowbaby@Jan 11 2005, 09:56 PM
:groovy: MUDCAKE :groovy:


I can make MUDCAKE, but it takes so much butter that my mum doesn't like me making it often. I should make some again...
i can cook bistetti bonognase (my sisters speak)
fried rice
mince and tatties :p
beef stew
lentil soup
potato soup
stroganoff (polish)
banana raisin cake
butter raisin cake
i like to cook :D
Originally posted by Tiddlyjen@Jan 14 2005, 10:56 AM
Tiddly, that is an incredible list there but you seem to have made a typo. It's not *shudder* mudcake. No, it's MUDCAKE. MUDCAKE is just that good, it gets capitals. B)

Mmmmmmm MUDCAKE :grin:
haha im with Potty!! MUDCAKE!! WOOO

but *sniff* no fair Jen i couldnt cook that if i *sniff*... gah *HUG*