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I Don't Know What To Call It...


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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
Aren't parents meant to like instil confidence in you and make you feel better? All mine seems to nowadays is tell me how I'm never going to make anything of myself 'at this rate', which I hate because I couldn't try much harder, my schoolwork has gone downhill, that I can admit but they never seem to guess that it might be because I'm upset or unhappy. It's always just because I'm lazy...

Then they got really angry because I didn't want to up north with them, again they thought it was because I'm lazy. In fact there's a whole underlying reason behind it all. I suppose I've brought this on myself by not telling them what is bothering me and why I've gone so downhill, but why do they always have to think it's because I'm lazy? It makes me even more upset because they think so badly of me.

What's even worse is that my friends are worried about me, and I hate people being worried about me when I am certain there are much more worthy things to worry about. I just have some days when I can't be happy and then they all get worried about me. *Sigh* I duno what to do. I feel stupid and selfish.
:wave2: You need to sit your parents down and have a good chat with them. Tell them that you don't want them to comment on what you are saying until you are finished, otherwise they will start twisting it

You won't to tell them everything that is bothering you, just doing that will make you feel a little better. It's one thing off your chest

Good friends will always worry about you if there is something wrong, the one's that don't stick around in situations like this are not the true friends.

So make sure you sit them down, let them know in advance that you want to talk to them and to make sure they have not got to do anything else. You won't their full attention.
Let me know how you get on

Pm me if you need to chat
*Man-sized hugs for you*

Fastchaz is right catrat
, talk to them.

And of course we're worried about you. Would you not worry about one of us were we in a simliar situation? It's cos we care about you and we love you and want you to be happy because you deserve to be.
I think I just want to move out. I tried to tell them why I am upset and they did not believe me. It sucks when you spill out like that and all you get back is doubt and disbelief.
*Hates everything right now*