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How Many Languages Can You Speak?

How many languages can you speak?

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Princess Pyro

New Member
Mar 1, 2005
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How many languages can you speak other then your native tongue

i can't speak any languages
all i can say is 'velko pivo prosim' (czech for 'a large beer please' (and i don't even drink)) as well as a few other things that might not be appropriate
Well, I've been learning french at school for the last 5 years so I really shoudl be able to speak it but really I'm terribly not fluent when it comes to speaking and my grammar leaves something to be desired so that probably doesn't count. Plus the random things I can say in Scottish (Get the bevvy in!) and 5 or so languages I can count to 10 in, heh.
i can speak a good amount of spanish somtimes ill break out and start speakin spanish...but i wont it always buggs other people...i was born in germany but i can speak a little bit of it not much though...
All 3 - I used to but because I don't use French and German, I've forgotten a lot of it now.

My sign language, hmmm I could understand someone who signed to me, but I'd probably struggle a bit to respond. - Lack of practice
Well, obviously I speak English. Other than that, I speak a little Spanish, a little German, a little French.
French and German ... not particularly fluent anymore as I haven't needed to use them for years but I could get by easily in either. Used to speak a bit of Spanish as well but that slipped as soon as I started learniung the other 2 at school lol.