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"how Clean Is You House" - Tv Programme


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Sep 10, 2004
Do any of you watch this programme? I'm sure it was on Discovery Health.

Oh My GOD!!!!

You would never think that your house can harbour and "grow" so many bugs and bactieria

Ok, so not you and I... But some of the people on it. Makes your stomach turn!!!

There was a single guy living in a one bedroomed flat. And for washing his dishes, he'd been using a sock... yes a SOCK!!! They took the sock away for bacterial examining. And he was told that the average dish cloth harbours approx 30,000 different bactiera (from memory), but this SOCK had 1 billion
I LOVE that programme

Even if only becuase when I'm sitting here thinking that I should really get up off my butt and clean up a wee bitty, I watch it and think "Nahh my flat aint that messy after all" and sit on my butt a bit more

That show is fairly ew. Ive seen it a couple of times. I dont really like the two cleaner women, they seem very...prudish.

From now on, I'll use a proper sponge. Hahaha just kidding. I don't do the dishes!

Hmmm I think the bathroom sink needs a clean....*checks*