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Housework Music


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Sep 11, 2004
in my own world mostly
So w all know that the best way to do boring old housework is to blast some music through the house.

I always play Queen or AC/DC

Can't beat singing at the top of your lungs to Barcelona when your scrubbing the loo

What's everyone elses choice?
Sheesh it must all be new age women on here as not many of them seem to do any housework at all by the looks of it

Well if i was a woman and done housework id be listening to Geri Haliwell - Its Raining Men..

As i aint and i like to kid on a do some sort of housework i listen to whatever is on my computer Steps - 5,6,7,8 always gets me root tooting baby.
Anything and everything. I like alot of earthly music and I like to listen to country and B. Spears alot when cleaning. B.S's can get ya going to do house work.
I normally listen to queen when im hoovering tryin to react the want to break free video lol.... I listen to a mixed range of stuff tho ...

Daniel Bedingfield
Typically I clean to either The Who, The Kinks or The Beatles.

You gotta have happy music when you clean!