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Holidays are 'ere


New Member
Oct 15, 2004
ok, im on 9 and a half weeks holidays....
Im the victorian representative for Australia for the National Youth Science Forum and im going to Auckland in New Zealand for two weeks from the 14th Jan until the 29th so thats right towards the end of the hols so i have 7 and half weeks of what?
Help me!What can i do on the holidays?
I have a casual job at a hair salon, so that knocks a few weeks off, then there David who i havent seen since the 21st of November :cry: :cry: i miss him too much and yeah...i dont know what to do with myself!

So what do you do on the hols?
Well, I get a nice ten days off for the holidays. Yippee. We'll go down and visit my grandparents in Kansas and then I'll probably just work.
Oh wow, you're coming to New Zealand!! But I live in Wellington.... ah well.

Yeah, summer holidays has started here and I'm not sure what I'll be doing. Christmas is coming up. One of my best friends is coming home to NZ to visit for 5days after being in belgium for 2 years. So in that 5days we will be cramming as much in as possible.

After that, I dunno. I guess I'll be seeing movies with friends and having movie nights and going into town to wander around aimlessly. Picnics. Unhealthy amounts of time on the computer, heh.

Oh yes, and I'm meant to be getting my restricted driving license...
WOW!!!!!! U guys are gonna have fab holidays!!!!

I on the other hand have 4 days off for Xmas... :angry: :/ Boring!!! lol