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Hola Amigos!

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Jan 16, 2005
the WORLD!
Hey, I'm Marie, I was just looking for sites to join, and this one looks rockin! I LOVE these smileys! I am a girl, I live in Georgia, USA. I found this site when I was looking through the forum directory, and I love all kinda of music
:wave2: Lunabell and :welcome: to Girl Power :yes:

:twirl: I have moved u into the Superior Species user group, alongside the other girlies.

Enjoy! :star:
wot can i sya? welcome to the greatest girl forum around :lol2: enjoy your stay thatll be $500 please ^___^


arwenpotter, I LOVE YOUR SIG!!

btw L, it is so weird u r here. I've already said that, but yeah, it's weird
aww thankee :p took me an hour to make *laughs*

where do you and L know each other? *just curious* im too curious for my own good lol
oh, we're both fearless forever members (another invision site) (well, she was long story), and she's a member at my site, I was a member at her old site that got deleted (part of long story), and I'm a member at her new site. :twirl: ur welcome! hehe, I love that cat, he's so cute!
heehee cool! haha thats awesomeo ;P well i know most here from UM (its in teh affiliates ;) )

haha yer go puss! "pray for mercy from puss................. in boots!" plays by our very own aussie too ;)
Yeah its soooo cute...and M I love ur sig...

Yeah it was so weird i mean i was lookin at the new member and then i was like woah...it was cool! LOL!
I like this site A LOT, i was lookin for a forum to join cuz I dont go to this one forum (fearless forever)that i used to go to a lot ... yeah long story....and i found this one! IT ROCKS!
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