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Highschool Dances


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Sep 22, 2004
*Claps for a teens section* :D
This Friday is our first homecoming dance of the year. I'm not really into dances, I didn't even go to prom last year( my junior year). I was just wondering about everyone else.( graduates included)
Yeah, at the school I go to, I'm year 12 (thats when you're 16/17) and we had a ball. I don't really like dancing much either and I didn't think I would but somehow it's kind of catching *shrugs*. Those kind of things have got a really great atmosphere...
Yeah, I go to school with Catrat and we went together.

I almost never get dressed up and I despise wearing a skirt...unless it's for a special occasion like balls. I love dressing up pretty for these. Even if you don't think it'll be any good, it's better to go and then leave early than it is to just not go at all.

A friend of mine actually has her homecoming coming up and, after much indecision, she's decided to go.

I had a great time at our ball because it was great seeing everyone dressed up so beautifully (it was formal) and, agreed about the atmosphere.


And yay teen section.
I'd really like to make( or at least design) my dress for prom this year. Or buy one that I can alter.
well i suck at dancing (heh) so i dont bother going ot the school discos but i used to go to my primary school one...

heh i think im the youngest one on this forum *feels small* :lol:
Heh, on the net, you can be as big as you want or as small as you want. I like to think I'm tall. I know that's not true, but do you...?**

And yes, I totally sympathise with you on the dancing thing. I could swear donkeys have more co-ordination than me. :whistle:

We don't have any of these at my school..... Oh wait, I'm not in school anymore :angry: hehe

We used to have a christmas dance held for individual years every year. I remember it well, for about 2 months beforehand our physical education lessons were dancing!!!!!!! BORING!!!!!!!

I wanted to learn how to dance before our Ball but we left it too late :(.

Haha, I used to hate dancing....cooties from the baoys and all ewwwww :p.

What kind of dancing did you do?
Ermm... i think it was "traditional scottish dances" like the waltz, military two step, square tango, etc (that's all i can remember *coff*)

we have a yr 10 formal, yr 11 debutante (but we didnt have one this year so we're having ours in yr 12) and the yr 12 formal
:D i cant wait! :rolleyes:
That sounds pretty danred nifty, Tiddly. We had our yr 12 ball last year and it was heaps of fun.

Haha, are you suuuure you can't think of any other dances, Snowy? hmmmm? *raises eyebrows*

I so would have loved to learn some of them. So nifty.