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High Voltage Power Lines Could Cause Leukemia


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Nov 10, 2004
LONDON: Scientists have found corroborating evidence to show that children exposed to high voltage power lines are at a higher risk of contracting leukemia -- the cancer of immature white blood cells and the most common form of cancer among children.

The study, done by Childhood Cancer Research Group at Oxford and the National Grid Transco, collected data on childhood cancers between 1962 and 1995 and compared it with records of houses where the children were born. The team examined 9,700 cases of leukemia reported during this period and based on projections, concluded that living within 200 meters of a power line is linked to a 70 per cent increase in risk, and living within 600 meters to a 23 per cent increase. The findings have been reported in the British Medical Journal.

The team, led by Gerald Draper of the University of Childhood Cancer Research Group, and including John Swanson, scientific adviser to National Grid Transco Plc, however, cautioned that while increased incidence of leukemia in children whose home address at birth was within 200 meters of a power line, has been found, it cannot be proved that proximity to the power lines was the cause.

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