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Feb 15, 2005
hi every1 im back been on holiday and i had a really good time
hows is everyone hope 2 hear from u all speak soon
from jennifer
Hello my likkle cherub!!!!!!! So nice to see you, I heard you had a great time, saw your mum on Thursday night, very briefly.

Sooooooo what did you get up to? Lots of golfing?

hi all
the weather was quite nice got burnt and it tanned a little and peeled.
i played golf and went shopping and played football with 2 of the boys next door had lots of fun seen most of the family up there.

i tryed 2 get on 2 gp when i was on the computer with the boys but they were 2 busy.
speak soon love jennifer x x
well nice to see i was missed lol

goin away again in 4 days though for a while and i might not be on for a while cause i wont get on the computer for a while
speak soon fro jennifer x x x x
It's cos her gran is away on hols chaz... I'm pretty sure she only gets on here at her grans house
she is fine though