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He's With A Bleep


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Aug 11, 2005
Ok, the guy I like broke up with his girlfriend, *Anne, at the beginning og the summer. I was so happy. (Their realationship only lasted like, 2 weeks) Then I got back from all my vacations the other day and asked my friend *Esmerelda to IM the guy I liked, *Joe, and see whats up. Then *Joe says he just got back from the movies with *Anne! So anyway, my friend *Esmerelda is pumping him for info and then *Joe IMed me saying he knew that I thought he was hott!!!! I was so embarassed I didnt even tell my friend *Esmerelda, and later on we all hadd a grooup chat with another friend and havent said a word about it. Then I got to thinking and realized, the only person I told I thought he was hott was *Anne!!! (Before they were together) I was so furious. Still am. I'll go cry now...
aaawwww sweetie!!!
dont worry everything will be fine he is not the love of ur life why cant u just tell him u love him there is nothing emberassing jus go for it if doesnt work keep living hunny ur life isnt over
Jus find a moment to tell him
and About the other girls jus say sorry tell em that u really love him and prove it
Just talk to him and see how he feels you dont wanna go doing anything major like telling the girl that you love him with out knowing if he feels the same about you then you would be splitting them up for no reason

Good luck

Go talk to him