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Jan 27, 2005
Well i am 32 weeks into my pregnancy and i have just started gettting awful awful heart burn i have tried taking things for it but that doesnt help. So if anyone has any good remedies for heartburn im all ears. lol
I had it real bad with my two, I was always told to eat smaller meals and drink milk, its is a bad thing but it is also an old wise tale that if you have heart burn that means the baby has loads of hair. My two had loads but dont know if it is true!

Anyway congrats on the baby :flower4u: , do you know what you are having yet? Hope it all goes well and let us know when you do have the baby!!!! My youngest is two on the 29 of March and in about 1 year we will try for another one I think!!! :groovy: :preggers:
No we dont know what it is we arent going to find out so we will just have to wait and see lol. I have also heard that about lots of hair and could quick probably be true because i have tones lol on my head that it.
Its supposed to meen the baby has got loads of hair

i had it really bad with first two
would have cupboard full of gaviscon

My last one didn't have one bit of heartburn she had more hair the the others

No matter what you do you don't usually get rid

You have not got long left now you not have to put up with it for long

I had severe HB from 30 weeks and my midwife gave me prescriptions for Gaviscon on a weekly basis so i didn't have to pay for it.

She also suggested no chocolate, hot chocoliate, tea, coffee or milk before bed as these all trigger HB. Nothing hot n spicy and if necessary sleep in a semi sitting position to help.

Personally i don't think anything other than actually giving birth relieves HB totally so you may have to live with it - but the above could help reduce the severity.