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Health risks of late pregnancy


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Sep 10, 2004
Around 60 per cent of recent marriages are comparatively late

Late pregnancies result in complications affecting body tissue in women after 30-35 years, leading to increased rates of C-sections

Major diseases in women are up by almost 30 per cent in past decade

After heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and thyroid problems are three major diseases stalking women

Stress, lack of exercise and obesity are increasing problems

Late pregnancy and lifestyle changes are posing a growing health risk for Calcutta’s women, warn city doctors.

Doctors with the Gynaecologist Society of India warn that over 60 per cent of pregnancies in Calcutta are considered late (between 30 and 35 years). This is in comparison to smaller cities, like Pune or Kanpur, where only 15 per cent of the cases fall into the late pregnancy bracket.

Surveys conducted by women’s health agencies reveal that complications among women, especially those who choose to have children later, are rising at alarming levels.