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Health costs meant I missed baby's birth


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Sep 10, 2004

A DONCASTER dad stayed at home while his wife gave birth on the other side of the world after the couple say they were forced apart by health costs.

Garry Oliver has been married to Nuphit for four years, but she is not eligible for free NHS treatment as she does not have a British residency permit. After the couple were last year hit with a £246 bill for a test at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, she flew to Thailand for the rest of her pregnancy. Had Nuphit remained in the UK, she could have faced bills totalling thousands of pounds for ante- and post-natal care.

Last August, Garry, aged 48, of Belle Vue, said the cost of his wife's treatment would have been "frightening". But he still wanted to witness the birth of his first child, so he booked time off work and flights to south east Asia months in advance.
When he called Nuphit, 31, two-and-a-half weeks before the trip, he found out she had just given birth.

Garry said: "My wife was due on February 11, so I had booked my flights to arrive on February 8. When I phoned her on January 20, she said she was in hospital and the baby was born three weeks early.