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Health Check-in


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Sep 10, 2004
Hello :wave2:

Anyone poorly just now? Cold? Sick bug? Asthma? IBS? Anything! Wanna share what you are suffering? Go on moan away!!! You never know omone else here may be suffering the exact same thing and be able to offer tips on how to better yourself!!

If nothing else, you will be showered with huggles

Ok I will start us off. I've got eczema in my ears again. Trying to so hard to keep putting cream in them. I sure don't want a repeat of the last bout seeing as I was deaf on one ear for over a week!!!
Jeepers Snowy that sounds terrible! It's all cleared up now? I've got ezcema as well at the moment. I've got the creams for it (which do work) but it flared up again and Mum has put me on a No Dairy Diet to see if that's making it worse. The other day, before I went on the diet, I ate a LOT of yoghurt (some friends didn't think I could eat so much but others have seen me Eat - with a capital - and think I've gto a stomach in my leg because it all disappears...) and it got suddenly worse so I'm thinking Ma may be right *deep sigh*.

I'm also feeling really tired. Really. I got about 11 hours sleep last night (I never sleep that much. The most I get is around 9 because I never need that much. But it's 7.30 and I feel like just going to bed...
I know a lot of people that dairy products make their eczema worse. Let us know how you get on Potty! Do you have asthma Potty? Normally they go hand in hand

I seem to go through phases of my poor wee ears and eczema. Right now they seem ok, but I have a very bad patch behind my right ear, right where it joins my head
Some mornings it feel like my ear is coming off me head!!
does anyone else here suffer from lactose intolerence? i have it, if i have too much lactose (like a glass of milk or something) i get horrible stomach cramps
feels like i swallowed a ball of fire and a sword
Oh Wow, I should check your forum out heaps more often Snowwy

This is what Kismit does, this is like my thing.

I have just the thing for all of you and it's not even scary Rooibos Tea

My youngest sufferred from lactose intolerance for 3 years or more. We started out by giving him Soy based products, but they are no good for boys,it hinders their developement by creating a layer of fat around the brain. It's the estrogen see, not good for boys.

And then I found it the tea
You can eat and drink what ever you want to and all you need to do is drink one cup a day. And best still it tastes like ordinary tea contains no caffeen and you can add milk and sugar comfortably.

Also works for skin conditions like ecsma Snowwy and Potholer and at the very least it's high mineral content makes you purdy.
It seems i am healthy :D
I only have neck and back problem due to sitting in front of the computer too long.:p
Well, I have a headache just about everyday. I think that the damp weather we've been having lately is bringing them on. But I'm starting to feel better.
I'm been trying to ignore this today, but I'm thinking I have a double ear infection :-( and the jabs of very sharp pain seem to agree.:eek:
It seems i am healthy :D
I only have neck and back problem due to sitting in front of the computer too long.:p
I also have that problem because of the same reason. I hardly get an exercise in a day too.
I am also somewhat dizzy because of lack of sleep last night. I felt sleepy and little tired.
I've got two things (luckily)
1. Allergic Asthma (It was very annoying few years ago but now is very discreet)

2. Chondromalacia Patellae (Pain to the knee when I jog on asphalt path and every hard surface) --The result of intensive rowing training :p However, it is not as serious as you think when hearing the name...
I have Graves Disease, which is a thyroid condition (it's not as bad as it sounds), I just have a bunch of symptoms, but the worst part has to be my parents being annoyingly concerned. Every single conversation we have just has to start with "have you taken your pills yet?" even though they've probably asked five times already that day.
Anyone else have a thyroid condition?
I have a cyst in my right breast that I haven't had checked in a year. My doctor says it's not cancerous or anything, but that I should have it removed. I think it's gotten bigger, and that scares me.:( I don't know why I don't just go and have it checked again (I'm not sure I can afford an operation right now, although it shouldn't be that expensive, what with my healthcare plan and all).

Do any of you ladies know of anyone with a benign breast cyst that turned malignant? :eek:
I've been sick all summer. First bronchitis (which I still have), then a stomach problem, and then a urinary tract infection. Been to urgent care 3 times and the ER one within the last 2 months.