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Halloween is approaching!!

I have some horrible horrible horrible jokes which I will not inflict upon the members here and I also have no stories but hopefully I will have one this year as me and a friend are (hopefully) going to be ouija boarding.

But don't worry, we've done this before so know what we are doing - at least as much as is possible with this sort of thing.
Ah well it wasn't all that exciting.

"Leave now" because of halloween (it said).
Something that kept saying "Cax"
It said it was important that we get two other friends (gave their names) to board with us (this was at about 2am).
The planchette moved insanely fast from one side of the board to the other and my friend's sister put her hand on the edge of the board to prevent it from going off. It worked, but then the planchette got clever and would fake going in one direction and then switch directions. And it hit her sister's hand with an audible thud at one point.

That was it really.

But on sunday night (because that was saturday night/sunday morning) I listened to a talkback on the radio and they had a Halloween special which was much fun. Scary though because the talkback goes from 9pm to midnight and the stoires started at about 10pm. Kept me awake, I'll tell you that much.

I'll write up a few stories tomorrow because 'tis getting late and I should be getting to bed.



I, ah, noticed that this is a thread for FUNNY halloween stories. Ah well. Hahahaha.

Um, ok. These are all true. It is merely what happened, different interpretations may be gotten from them. Whatever, let your imagination run wild. What else is it for other than to make you scared sockless, as opposed to only mildy afraid.

Story #1
When Johnny (can't remember real name) was 19, the in thing to do was bonnet riding. For those of you who don't know, this is when oneperson sits on the bonnet of a car while the driver drives at horribly fast speeds. So, Johnny and his mates had heard that some others had managed 60 or 70km/hr and decided they had to beat this. 100km/hr! That's it! So off they went, doing fine, driving along. Until they hit the corner. They were going too fast and, as they turned the corner, the car flipped over, landing on Johnny and taking him and his rapidly draining blood near the brink of death. As Johnny lay on the road, drifting from conciousness to unconsciousness, he noticed that, by a nearby telephone pole, was a black cloak. Just a cloak. So black it appeared to suck the colour out of the surrounding area. And each time johnny returned to consciousness, that deep black cloak got closer...and closer....and closer...until it was standing right over him. He blacked out and awoke later.

He spent a week in intensive care and on the last night he was there he awoke during the night. Coming through the doors at the end of the corridor was that deep black cloak. It drifted down the corridor and, as it passed Johnny's bed, it paused. It seemed to turn to face him and as it did so, Johnny felt as if his essence, his soul, was being sucked from his body, into a sitting position. Then the thing passed by, down the corridor and out. As that contact broke, he like like he was falling back into his body...

The next morning several staff members came in to help move him from intensive care and into the general ward. One of the nurses was looking a bit distressed and after some urging from Johnny she finally told him what was wrong.

"One of our long-term cancer patients, who I'd become close with, died last night."