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greasy hair


New Member
Feb 15, 2005
every morning i have to wash my hair because it just goes greasy so please can you
find a way so that i can wash it every two days because its so annoying having to get up at 7pm every morning rather than 7.30.
so if anyone else has this problem please tell me. :umm:
would it be any trouble to ask for a bit of a listy? just so we can see wot you've tried and wot you havent
I had a hairdresser tell me tips for oily and dry hair..oily hair after u blow dry add some baby powder..serious it works..do that till it stops..and dry hair there is VO5 hairdressing lotion..just a dab is all u need..really works..also a little dab of lotion..sounds weird, but works..
soz its been a while

ive used elvive ( soz about the spelling)
h&s, herbal essances, basically everything
thats why i cant remember