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Greasy hair!!!!!! help!


New Member
Dec 16, 2004
My hair has just been crazy lately ill wash it and pretty much the next day its a big grease pit again..ive tried several shampoos and they all never work..anyone have any natural remedies i could try? thnx so much ladies
What shampoo have u tried?

I'm not sure if it works, someone I know had this problem and used Fairy washing up liquid for one wash, it seemed to help her. Just be careful if u have sensitive skin/scalp!!

Personally, I would try a supermarkets BASIC own brand shampoo... the cheapest u can find, they tend to be good cleaners! I also use "Aussie Mega Shampoo for Normal Hair" it's a great cleanser. U will find it in Boots or other chemists!
Garnier Fructus Fortifying Shampoo & conditioner is good...and the anti-dandruff one is made for sensitive scalps like mine so its good :D
Dove shampoo and conditioner is a miracle i swear :p lol... at least my hair is no longer dry and frizzy.. as if it wastn frizzy enough...ee gad i sound like an AD lol
Eurgh I have major problems with my hair. I washed it last night and its greasy now. I've used loads of different shampoo. At the moment I'm using Sunsilk...the orange bottle, cant be bothered go bathroom find out what its called lol.

Arwenpotter, my mum reckons Dove is too expensive lol
hehe well here you can get them in these big pump botles so becoz you're buying bulk its cheaper :D besides its less expensive then say pantene here
Do not over wash or that will make the oil be produced more. Use a shampoo and leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse well. Repeat. Use conditioner only on the ends.
That is good advice Luv2write. I only use conditioner on the ends, otherwise I also get greasy hair.
Another thing to look at is your diet, any new foods or supplements added to your diet? Hormones can also cause greasy hair.
Do you use conditioner? I have oily skin and hair (although I only have to wash my hair every other day). I have found that conditioner only serves to make my hair oily, so I never use it.
If you are a teenager then it is most likely just hormones... try not to wash too often, and look for formulas which are designed for greasy hair... you could try lemon juice... add a little to your normal frequent use shampoo.. or if you have short hair, rinse in a little lemon juice after shampooing...
Good idea on the lemon juice Stavy. I have also read that apple cider vinegar helps to prevent greasy hair if applied after showering.
Wash out your hairbrush. The hair oil is most likely on your brush bristles and gets back into your hair. Also, if your spouse or significant other uses your hair brush, he may be putting hair oil onto the bristles and that could be making your hair feel oily. Just use regular shampoo to wash out your brush. You can also use isopropyl alcohol to take the greasy feel off the bristles. Just be sure to rinse well. You don't want any of that on your hair. Of course, wash your hair again with shampoo and warm water, maybe rinsing with diluted vinegar and a squeeze of real lemon. That should help remove any grease from your hair.
I am sorry to hear that.
It seems you have greasy hair.
You must wash it as often as you can.
Besides, try to use the anti-grease shampoo which might be helpful.